Aphrodisiac Pops

Love & connection-boosting pops for extra fun and flirting. Try our breathtaking *new* Magic Wand Pop!

Calming Pops

Bring you ease during times of stress, nervous agitation and trauma

Happy Genius Pops

Boost brainpower, clarity and mood. Best for meetings, tests & Mondays!

Silicon Valley Startup Pops

For entrepreneurs & creatives, herbs for stimulating innovation

Smoke-Stop Pops 

With herbs that curb anxious cravings by simulating nicotine in the brain

Rough Morning Pops

Nausea relief: morning sickness, hangover, seasickness, etc.


Plant-Powered Lollipops

Hand-crafted, activated with herbs and essential oils, vegan, corn-syrup, GMO free
Featured on the Hot List in London
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Pandora's Pops™ are delicious plant-powered lollipops to elevate your day! Each style is custom blended, preparing your brain and body for something fresh.
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